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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

SKY Soccer is proud to officially announce our enhanced partnership with Drobocky Orthodontics. After many years of partnership, Drobocky Orthodontics and SKY Soccer renewed our relationship, including a larger investment enabling a greater access to and development of our soccer programs. It’s so much more than a jersey...

Dr. Drobocky and SKY Soccer Club President, Richard Zoellner, sign enhanced partnership agreement.

Almost two decades of community support and engagement: that’s what comes to mind when South Central Kentuckians think of the partnership between Drobocky Orthodontics and the Southern Kentucky Soccer Club. Serving as South Central’s Kentucky premier orthodontic practice for more than 30 years, Dr. Drobocky is proud to provide families and kids with something other than professional and personal orthodontic care. As a proud sponsor of SKY Soccer Club, his investment of time and money shapes young lives by instilling good values and work ethic. “It’s impactful to their social development, their physical development, and health long-term,” he says of the partnership. To Dr. Drobocky, it’s more than just a name on a jersey.

Developing great players and people to enhance our community is the mission of the Southern Kentucky Soccer Club. Bringing a diverse group of players together inspires responsibility, dependability, and fair competition. Dr. Drobocky has always believed that student athletes become coachable team-players who excel when stepping into higher education and the workforce. After 17 years of sponsoring the SKY Soccer Club, his convictions remain strong and his words ring true for young adults across the region. “It’s not about money or enticing kids to play soccer,” says Dr. Drobocky. “It’s about the character building behind every practice and game that makes our efforts worth it.” SKY Soccer Club is grateful for the continued support of Dr. Drobocky and partnership with Drobocky Orthodontics, and the access and opportunity it represents for kids across Southern Kentucky.

To see more information about becoming a sponsor with SKY Soccer Club, click HERE


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