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Kick or Treat Volunteers:


Field Marshalls, Saturday, October 25          
Time PG/1 2/3 5/6 7/8 9/10 4/11/12
8:00-11:00am Lisa Correa Suzanne Ogawa Genia Hines Aaron Gross McCorkle Kenly Ames
10:45am-1:45pm OJ Stapleton Kevin Cleaver Steve Bohnlein David Smith Jill Justice Nami Nahid
1:30-4:30pm Brian Manley Barbie Kiastapour Kassie Smith Amy Adams Deborah Romine  
4:15-7:15pm Ron Demarse Alsobrook Lee Ramsey Bill Ramsey Leslie Priest  
Field Marshalls, Sunday, October 26          
Time PG/1 2/3 5/6 7/8 9/10 4/11/12
7:45-10:45am Mike Fenno Tom Ghoulston       Leah Ashwill
10:30am-1:30pm Janice Weirson Sean Willgruber Shana Woodyard   Ryan Martin  
1:15-4:15pm Penny Neal Kirk Tisdale Selena Drexel DG Sherrill    
Parking, Saturday, October 25            
Time Att 1 Att 2 Att 3 Att 4    
7:30-10:30am Sean Stevens Steven Miller Ron Ramsing Mac Jefferson    
10:15am-1:15pm Susan Davis   Eric Booth      
1-4pm Sara Widener Brandon Neal        
T-Shirt Sales, Saturday, October 25          
Time Sales 1 Sales 2        
8:15-11:15am Meg Tyler Amy Neal        
11am-2pm Susan Howard Joyce Jones        
1:45am-4:45pm Penny Neal Karen Stringer        
T-Shirt Sales, Sunday, October 26          
Time Sales 1 Sales 2        
7:45-10:45am Melissa Woodruff Kupchella        
10:30am-2:30pm Shelley Carter Kelly Allen        

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Schedules for Kick or Treat are here:



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2014 Kick or Treat Tshirt Pre-order

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2014 Fall  Rec Game Schedules


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White is the Home Jersey

& Black is Away

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