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Picture Day Schedule

When: Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Where: Lovers Lane by the back Pavilion

Attention: Coaches

Please distribute picture envelopes to players prior to picture day.

In order to give professional & timely service,

Please ask players to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled

Photo time with order envelopes completed and payment enclosed


Game Photo Team Div. Team Div. Team Div. Team Div.
Time Time C-1   C-2   C-1   C-2  
9:00 8:00 Team 2 HS Coed Team 1 HS Coed Buchanon U10G Lowery U10G
9:00 8:05 Barbee U10G Gonzalez U10G Helbig U10G Justice U10G
9:15 8:10 Byers U7G Thurman U7G A. Lindsey U7G Campbell U7G
9:15 8:15 Wilson U7G Carpenter U7G Cole U5 Coed Bushelman U5 Coed
9:15 8:20 Waltrip U4C Von Steinfort U4C Johnson U4G Lawrence/Willis U4G
9:15 8:30 McWhorter U4G Stevens U4G ***Open***   ***Open***  
9:30 8:40 Bell U8 Coed Clark/Adams U8 Coed Atwell U7 Coed Cansler U7 Coed
9:30 8:50 Goad U5G Lee/Ross U5G Feria U5G Elder U5G
9:30 9:00 Smurthwaite U5G Williams U5G Klein U5G Dezern U5G
10:15 9:10 Nuse U4C Alford/Ayers U4C Carpenter U4C Cooper U4C
10:15 9:20 Massey U4C Faulk U4C ***Open***   ***Open***  
10:30 9:30 Team 4 HS Coed Team 3 HS Coed Cross 13 Coed Ramsey 13 Coed
10:30 9:40 Hurt/Kimbler U8G McGuinness U8G Bryce U8G Haggerty U8G
10:30 9:50 Rigsby U8G Eaton U8G Quinn U8G Rife U8G
11:00 10:00 ***Open***   ***Open***   Rich U5 Coed Propp U5 Coed
11:00 10:10 Pardue U5 Coed Hodgkins U5 Coed Haughtaling U5 Coed Heller U5 Coed
11:15 10:20 ***Open***   ***Open***   Bishop U5 Coed Castelli U5 Coed
11:15 10:30 Petit U5 Coed McBaen U5 Coed Willgruber U5 Coed Wheeldon U5 Coed
11:30 10:40 Frassinelli U10G Compton U10G Daugherty U10G Boddeker U10G
11:30 10:50 Rowland U4C Tyrie U4C ***Open***   ***Open***  
12:00 11:00 Bridges U10 Coed Burckhard U10 Coed        
12:15 11:00         Bergren U7 Coed Henson U7 Coed
12:15 11:10 McIntyre U7 Coed Berger U7 Coed Pendleton U6G Bartlett U6G
12:15 11:20 Addington U6G Coulter U6G Wilson U6G Brown U6G
12:30 11:30 Pardue U7 Coed Wallace U7 Coed Smurthwaite U7 Coed Willgruber U7 Coed
12:30 11:40 Smothers/Kurtz U7 Coed Swafford U7 Coed Stevens U7 Coed Nottmeier U7 Coed
1:30 12:00 Jhamb U10 Coed Alcott U10 Coed ***Open***   ***Open***  
1:30 12:10 Zuccarell U10 Coed Badstibner U10 Coed Smith U10 Coed Grinstead U10 Coed
1:30 12:20 Knee U8 Coed Sturgeon U8 Coed Barbee U8 Coed Mitchell U8 Coed
1:30 12:30 Roche U8 Coed Pineyrua U8 Coed Strow U8 Coed Gonzalez U8 Coed
1:30 12:40 Team 6 U8G Lawless U8G Bachicha U6 Coed Weaver U6 Coed
1:30 12:50 Manley U6 Coed Pagnelli U6 Coed Brown U6 Coed Honaker U6 Coed
1:30 1:00 Freeman U6 Coed Knight/O ller U6 Coed        
2:00 1:00         Armstrong U13G Scifres U13G
2:00 1:10 Wiles U13G Derryberry U13G Misener U13G Schafer U13G
2:30 1:40 Axline U6G Cook U6G Elder U6G Lowery U6G
2:30 1:50 Nuse/Martin U6G Casana U6G Leedy U6G Klingensmith U6G
3:00 2:00 Strow 13 Coed Nelson 13 Coed Freeman 13 Coed Nottmeier 13 Coed
3:30 2:40 Clark U6 Coed Wyrick U6 Coed Brooks U6 Coed Cole U6 Coed
3:30 2:50 Brauner U6 Coed Wheeldon U6 Coed Salihovic U6 Coed Brownlee U6 Coed
3:45 3:00 J. Lindsey U10 Coed Atkinson U10 Coed Goshom U10 Coed Berger/Daniels U10 Coed
3:45 3:10 Armstrong U10 Coed Mathais U10 Coed ***Open***   ***Open***  
4:15 3:20 Team 9-Glass 13 Coed Luis 13 Coed Combs 13 Coed Smith 13 Coed

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by posted 08/29/2014

2014 Fall  Rec Game Schedules


Click Here for the 2014 Fall Schedules


White is the Home Jersey

& Black is Away

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Registering for 

SKY Recreational Soccer?

Click HERE!

Late registration is ongoing!


Registration runs July 1-31, 

waitingwith list  starting on August 4.

Cost for on time registration is $60 for registration, plus $30 for a uniform.

This season's uniform consists of the same black shirt, shorts, and socks that we've used in seasons past, but the gray shirt is being replaced by a white one.  If you only need a white shirt, it is available for $10.

Practices will begin in the last week of August, and the first games are September 6.

The season should end November 8, with November 15 reserved as a make-up day.

Trouble Registering?  Call 855-259-3466
Questions about rec soccer?  Email 


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Volunteers & Coaches Background checks
by posted 12/10/2013

All New Rec coaches (ONLY NEW COACHES) will need to complete the attached application/Background check asap.  If you completed a background check in the spring, you do not need to complete another one for this season.

To start the process to be a soccer coach for the Fall 2014 season, click on the link below and complete the online application.  

  Rec Coaches application/Background checks ( Click Here)


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