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Announcing the Launch of the Western Kentucky Soccer Alliance

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Western Kentucky Soccer Alliance. In March we opened up discussions with like-minded soccer clubs in our area to jointly find more ways to provide quality soccer opportunities to the players in western Kentucky. The Western Kentucky Soccer Alliance will initially be a platform for delivering hosted “super friendlies” for 9U and 10U teams and deliver additional scheduling structure for these age groups in western Kentucky. Initial host sites are Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, Louisville and Owensboro.

A key focus for the group is providing player development through spirited friendlies where age and developmentally appropriate expectations are managed before, during and after the competition. Club directors will work together to match up teams by level of ability to pull the most out of game experience for all of the players. We’ll emphasize player growth through the game rather than wins and losses to prepare players for higher levels of competition. While in the beginning the 9U/10U divisions will be the basis of the friendly events, there will be older teams from the participating Clubs taking advantage of the opportunity to get matches on their own as well.

We’re proud to be working with the leaders at Owensboro Sportstutor, Valor United FC, Elizabethtown FC, and Louisville City and Racing Louisville FC on this player-centric adventure.

If you are a Club or know a Club interested in participating and/or hosting a playdate, please reach out to a Steve Henson -


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