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WHY Choose SKY Soccer Junior Academy

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

We are very excited about our enhanced Junior Academy advancement pathway. Adding to the professionally guided age and developmentally appropriate individual technical training environment, we will emphasize appropriate tactical growth throughout the Junior Academy player journey. 
 Players will advance from 4v4 to 5v5 and onto 7v7 play from the 7U to the 8U Junior Academy age groups. This curriculum base and approach will align with our 9U/10U curriculum to provide a seamless development pathway for our Junior Academy and Academy Select players.

Why choose SKY Soccer Junior Academy Youth Development Program for your player?

There are a lot of competitive soccer programs and even more recreational programs available for young athletes. The programs that seem to be missing are those that provide high quality technical development opportunities that most competitive programs bring, while limiting the amount of counterproductive competition for young athletes. There are numerous studies connecting excessive competition to a decline in children's’ athletic development and ultimately their desire to participate in sports at all. To address this gap, SKY Soccer has developed the Junior Academy Youth Development Program for players in the 7U-8U divisions.

We didn’t solely focus on this age group for age and developmentally appropriate programs, instead we’ve addressed it from players ages 2 years old and up via our Player Development Pathway. The Pathway and Programs we offer are specifically designed to support the needs and goals of players of all ages and abilities in a high quality and fun learning environment. In our Pathway, by the time a player reaches the 7U age division they’ve been prepared technically and socially to take two paths 1.) continue in our traditional recreational programming or 2.) move into the Junior Academy Youth Development Program (YDP).

What is the SKY Junior Academy Youth Development Program Program?

The Junior Academy Youth Development Program (YDP) is a bridge from our Pre-Academy program to the SKY Academy Select with all three of these programs developed and delivered by professional licensed coaches. Following the SKY Player Pathway, players are pushed to reach their individual potential through high level technical training, an age appropriate competitive playing environment, and eventually to compete at the highest levels available to players in the region when they reach the Academy Select program.

​Junior Academy YDP provides a player-centered technical training environment focused on developing a passion for the game. The program utilizes a professionally designed, age and developmentally appropriate training curriculum and is led by a licensed coaching staff, many of whom coach in have coached, or do coach in our Academy Select program.

​The Junior Academy provides young players an opportunity to grow their individual soccer skills and a strong identity for the game in a fun and professional environment as an introduction to Academy soccer.

Junior Academy Youth Development Program Program Outline:

  • Structured, age appropriate curriculum, that promotes skill development

  • Repetition of essential technical skills

  • Professional, enthusiastic training with defined curriculum

  • An enjoyable and exciting experience in every session

  • Emphasis on skill development in a non-intimidating environment that encourages players to challenge themselves while focusing on technical skills

  • Emphasis on quality and long term development over short term gains.

Read the full program outline HERE.

Need more information?

If you’re interested in our Junior Academy Youth Development Program and have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to family and friends in the program and/or our staff via email at

To register for our Spring 2024 Junior Academy Season, click HERE.


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