Why SKY Academy Select Soccer? + Supplemental tryout info

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

If you have a player with the birth years 2013 - 2004, please read the following important information about our Academy Select Tryouts and Program. Our 2021 Supplemental Academy tryout registration is now OPEN!. There is no cost to register or try out. Supplemental tryouts will be the week of October 11th through October 15th.

What is the SKY Academy Select Soccer Program?

SKY Soccer Club’s Academy Select Soccer program offers the highest level of training and competitive game play available for players in 9U - 18U divisions.

Our Pathway and Program Matrix outlines program objectives, descriptions, among other particulars, and includes breakdown of fees and what you will receive in return. For the 2021/22 Academy Select season, our Club Fees will remain the same for all age divisions which will be the third year with no increases since lowering Club Fees in 2019. Despite the lower cost for 9U Academy players, the level of coaching, number of practice sessions and estimated number of games remains the same. To develop our Academy Select program, players and teams, it is vital that we introduce our younger players to the highest age and developmentally appropriate level of training and competition as early as possible. We’ve lowered the cost of entry to directly impact the quantity of players and overall quality of our program. Please do not hesitate to register for the Academy Select Program for financial hardship reasons, as we have numerous payment options to assist thanks to generous donors and sponsors.

Note that our cost structure includes Club and Team fees. Team fees enable each individual team to determine how many games and/or tournaments they will participate in, while managing their own funds via a team bank account overseen by the Team Treasurer and Manager. This is in contrast to clubs that charge a flat fee, then dictate how many games and/or events you can participate in and may come to you during the season to request additional fees. One misconception around travel soccer is the amount of travel that takes place, in order to find quality competition. However, the amount of actual travel is quite small compared to other travel sports. We're here to answer any questions you may have around schedules and travel.

As an added investment in our players, we began free optional skills training sessions this spring for our 9U-12U Academy Select players. These are fast paced and fun technical sessions focused on individual player development. We will continue to offer these optional skills training and goalkeeper training sessions to our Academy Select players as a part of our technical development initiative this season.

Why choose the SKY Soccer Club Academy Select Program for your player?

The impact of youth sports on a player’s life can be significant. A Soccer Club’s culture and mission dictates the influence and development of kids as players and people. Our mission at SKY Soccer Club is to develop great players and people and enhance the community we serve. This is ingrained in all that we do. A college or professional scout will not ask how your player’s team finished in the “big” tournament. Instead, technical skill, tactical understanding, academics, maturity and community involvement, will be most important. Our goal is to influence the whole player through our culture and coaching.

When a player and family invests their time and resources into our Academy Select program, we recognize it is both a privilege and responsibility to provide the highest quality culture and technical experience we can. Our Pathway provides players of all abilities the opportunity to meet and exceed their goals. Our continued investments in people and strategic partnerships over the last two years has enabled a player pathway that provides high quality, professionally designed and delivered programming for players of all ages and abilities. Our players are experiencing high level, age and developmentally appropriate technical training, from an experienced professional and licensed coaching staff. There is no other soccer club in the State or Region connecting programs for players ages two to eighteen through a single, seamless program pathway, and the dividends will be big.

We’ve seen record growth in programs throughout the Academy Select pathway, including over an average increase in Academy Select players of 35% for the last two years. SKY has not seen this type of growth in over 6 years and it’s thanks to the families in our club for buying into our program and our mission on and off of the fields.


Coaching is an important part of the development pathway! Coaches are often mentors and can have a significant influence on a player’s personal development and lives. Consider who your coach is on the field, and who your coach is off the field. Do they conduct themselves in a way you want your child to model?

Further, who is the Club’s Director of Coaching, what experience do they have leading soccer organizations, developing programs, coaches and players? The Director of Coaching has a huge impact on the quality of a program, the development of the players, and the coaches that interact with your children. Know who your DOC is, their experience, and what they represent on and off of the field. At SKY Soccer we’re proud to have a DOC and Coaches leading our programs that have a passion for teaching the game, represent our culture and mission, and that deliver quality technical, tactical and social development for our players.

As part of our Pathway, we have emphasized the importance of coaching development and education throughout all of our programs. Our coaches are encouraged to continue to develop their craft and we offer continuing education reimbursement to advance our overall coach and player development. You can learn more about our current coaching staff, their background and credentials at www.skysoccer.org/clubinfo.

Need more information?

If you’re interested in our Academy Select Program and have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to family and friends in the program and/or our Director of Coaching, Steve Henson via email at doc@skysoccer.org

We couldn’t be more excited to have your player and family a part of the tradition of our Academy Select soccer program. Don’t miss out, register now, stay safe and healthy, and WE WILL SEE YOU ON THE FIELDS SOON!