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Updated: Jul 14, 2021

We’re excited to announce a lot of fun Soccer Programs that you can take advantage of throughout the summer! Below you will find everything we’re planning and we’ll send more details as specific programs open for registration. All programs will have participation caps to maintain desirable coach to player ratios, so don’t hesitate to register or you may miss out.

We’ve added the recommended skill level of participants in the information below to help find the program that best fits your players needs. All programs are designed and led by professional and licensed coaches.

Use this registration link for all programs: REGISTER NOW

Below in the programs grid we’ve provided brief descriptions of the programs. If you have any questions, please reach out via email to the primary contact listed in the program description.

Community Park Summer Camps

Mighty Kicks and SKY Soccer are excited to introduce our Summer Camp Series at several local Community Parks. The goal of the Community Parks Program is to bring soccer to your neighborhood at the lowest cost possible and we think our Summer Camp series can help grow this program. We believe that soccer is the best introductory sport for young kids. We also know that sometimes it is difficult for families to get to our main facility at Lovers Lane Soccer Complex in Bowling Green or to commit to a full season of practices and games on multiple nights of the week. We created the Community Parks Program in cooperation with Warren County Parks and Recreation to reach communities throughout the county that might not have easy access to soccer fields or high quality soccer programs. For more information contact

GOAL Mornings - Summer Edition

The GOAL Mornings program offers fun, low cost physical activity for the many youngsters in our community that have been stuck at home and often without children in their peer group to play with. If you are a homeschool group, stay at home parent, or just one of us trying to survive the summer break and are looking for a great opportunity to get your little ones out of the house, learn some soccer skills and life lessons like “be brave”, “have confidence”, and “I believe I can do it”, our Pre-Academy Goal Mornings program is awesome. This program has typically only been offered on Weekday evenings or Saturdays, and this season we’re adding it as a morning program when the “energy” is highest. For more information contact

Mighty Kicks Parent Program

The Mighty Kicks Parent program provides an opportunity for children to engage in the game in a safe environment with their parent’s support. It also provides parents support in the best ways to interact with their child for better engagement and learning in a new sport. Whether you grew up playing the game, or you know nothing about it, the Parent/Child Introductory Class will give you the tools to help support your young soccer player as they experience the world’s beautiful game for the first time. For more information contact

SKY Mighty Kicks Summer Camp

The Mighty Kicks Summer Camp series is the premier soccer program for children with birth years 2017-2015. Our professional designed curriculum and licensed coaching staff provides the highest quality of instruction in working with young children. Our camps also feature a literacy learning program that provides opportunities for young children to be taught by certified teachers in early literacy skills that prepare them for kindergarten (if they are in preschool) or accelerate their kindergarten learning (for those already in kindergarten). This special program is unique for sports camps. We believe in teaching the whole child. Summer camp is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your child to the game of soccer, receive the highest quality instruction, and do so in your local community park. For more information contact

SKY Recreational Summer Camp

Led by our professional coaching staff, this series is for boys and girls, birth years 2014-2009, and will focus on the basic techniques of soccer, such as dribbling, passing and receiving, and shooting. Players will be divided by age groups and will learn these skills through individual instruction and small-sided games, all in a fun-filled environment! All players will be grouped by both age and skill level.

Seasonal Camps are a fun way to play the game of soccer. At our camps there is TONS of free play, lots of games to get the kids moving, and skills training so they can learn new things through the week. As described by several of the campers, "this is like a long soccer recess!!!". For more information contact

Summer Junior Academy Youth Development Program

The Junior Academy YDP provides a player-centered technical training environment focused on developing a passion for the game. The program utilizes a professionally designed, age and developmentally appropriate training curriculum and is led by a licensed coaching staff, many of whom coach in have coached, or do coach in our Academy Select program.

​The Junior Academy provides young players an opportunity to grow their individual soccer skills and a strong identity for the game in a fun and professional environment as an introduction to Academy soccer. Typically only offered during the Spring and Fall seasons, the technical growth of the players in the program, and the growth of the program in general, has inspired us to offer this throughout the summer months. For more information contact


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