We are excited to announce our partnership with TN United Soccer Club and the addition of Steve Henson as our Director of Coaching with the full support and cooperation of the TN United leadership team. 

We are pleased to announce additional details detailing our partnership with TN United Soccer Club.  This agreement will focus on:

  • Player development and creating an enhanced pathway for all players: SKY Soccer Club and the over 800 competitive players that are part of TUSC will work together to create and expand opportunities for players and field teams at all levels. We will focus both clubs’ efforts on assisting players to be the best at whatever level they want to play at.  We will work collectively to increase college recruiting activity and events, work with college coaches in the TN and KY areas to get our players recruited.  Our goal is to assist and provide a player a pathway to pursue his/her goals. 

  • Coaching Development: Both clubs have committed to sharing resources to maximize coaching instruction, education and mentoring to recruit coaches not only from our area, but also from an ever-expanding Nashville market.  We plan to have joint coaching instruction and interactions between both clubs to encourage coaches to develop mentors and expand the coaching pool and resources available to all coaches, not just a select few.  TUSC has committed to allow SKY to adopt and use their current technology platforms which will enable coaches to increase communication with everyone and have access to online lesson plans as well as logging practice activities after each training session.

Our Clubs have agreed to work together to accommodate common goals including but not limited to:

  • Friendly play dates between clubs.  Club wide cookouts and attending MLS or USA national team games in Nashville together when possible.

  • Support and attend each club’s tournaments when appropriate.

  • Create/enhance college education seminars in Nashville area and involve KY colleges/universities for players who desire to know more about how to attend college and how to get recruited.

  • Jointly create elite player opportunities for elite players to join showcase teams in the offseason to attend college recruiting events/tournaments.