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Community Parks Soccer Program

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Driven by our mission of developing great players and people and to enhance the community we serve, SKY Soccer Club’s partnership with Mighty Kicks Southern Kentucky is again increasing access to high quality soccer programs to kids in Southern Kentucky.

Mighty Kicks and SKY Soccer are excited to introduce our new Community Parks Program. The goal of the Community Parks Program is to bring soccer to your neighborhood at the lowest cost possible. We believe that soccer is the best introductory sport for young kids. We also know that sometimes it is difficult for families to get to our main facility at Lovers Lane Soccer Complex in Bowling Green or to commit to a full season of practices and games on multiple nights of the week. We created the Community Parks Program in cooperation with Warren County Parks and Recreation to reach communities throughout the county that might not have easy access to soccer fields or soccer programs.

We are thrilled to introduce our first Community Parks Program at Ed Spear Park in Smith’s Grove. This program will be open to all children ages 3-7, or in grades Pre-K through 2nd Grade. The Ed Spear Park Program will meet on Thursday afternoons from 5:00-5:45, making it a great after school activity for the children of Smith’s Grove.

The Ed Spear Park Program will be led by Coach Zach Salchli. Coach Salchli is the founder of Mighty Kicks Southern Kentucky and has an extensive background in both soccer and education. Coach Zach works at North Warren Elementary right in the heart of Smith’s Grove. He is a nationally licensed soccer coach and was the recipient of the 2018 United Soccer Coaches South Region Coach of the Year, representing all coaches from the southern part of the United States. Coach Zach is also actively involved as the Director of Student-Athlete Development with the Women’s Soccer Program at Western Kentucky University and a staff coach for the Kentucky Olympic Development Program.

The Ed Spear Park Program is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your child to the game of soccer, receive the highest quality instruction, and do so in your local community park. This low-cost program brings soccer to you!

The Ed Spear Park Program will meet at 5:00pm-5:45pm on the following dates:

March 11, March 18, March 25, April 1, April 15, April 22, April 29, and May 6

For a $60 Registration Fee all participants will receive a Mighty Kicks/SKY Soccer t-shirt, 8 practice sessions with an experienced soccer coach, and an end of season medal. Parents will also receive access to our parent resources to learn more about how to help support your young soccer player at home. Our unique curriculum also includes 8 of our Mighty Kicks Life Skills lessons taught to each child each week. We believe in teaching kids more than just soccer! We believe in teaching kids virtues such as: working hard, listening, treating others with respect, and being kind. We think soccer is a great way to teach these important skills!

What else can you expect from our Ed Spear Park Program? Read below to learn about the program format.


  1. Guided Free Play (10-15 Minutes)

As players arrive, coaches begin putting players in a “street soccer” style play. Street soccer simply refers to a free play environment with no coaching. Coaches are there to guide play and make sure players stay safe. Street soccer provides an opportunity for players to just play without adult intervention. The first two players who arrive begin playing 1v1 and new players are added until it is a 4v4 game. Once all players have arrived, the coach may choose to begin practice or allow children to play a little longer.

  1. Coach Welcome and Life Skill Review (5 Minutes)

Coach greets all players and welcomes them to practice. Coach goes over the objective for the day and tells a life skill story lesson with the Mighty Kicks value word for the day.

  1. Warmup and Introduction to Skill Work (5-7 Minutes)

Players participate in a gross motor warmup focused on balance, agility, and coordination. During this warmup, the ball is introduced and a new skill with the ball is taught.

  1. Skill Application (5-7 Minutes)

Players participate in an age and developmentally appropriate activity to work on the skill being taught. Players are given ample opportunities to practice their new skill before applying it to the game.

  1. Scrimmage (10-15 Minutes)

All practice sessions should end in a 10 minute scrimmage where players have the opportunity to practice the skills they learned during the day’s lesson.

  1. Team Cheer and High Fives (2 Minutes)

Coach brings the team back together to review the soccer skill, life skill, and provide an opportunity for a final team cheer before leaving the field.

The Goals of Mighty Kicks:

  1. FUN: enjoy the playing of the game of soccer.

  2. Improve motor skills, coordination, and health.

  3. Generate interest in soccer (and sports).

  4. Teach the basic skills and rules.

  5. Character development.

Benefits of Youth Soccer

  • Coordination – Confidence – Character

  • Agility – Balance – Strength

  • Life Skills – Team Skills – Social Skills

  • Basic Soccer Skills – Elementary Techniques – An understanding of the game

  • Healthy lifestyle habits – Fitness – Endurance

  • Improved Self-Concept and Self-Esteem

  • Creativity – Imagination

  • Fun – Kids learn best while enjoying themselves

  • Educational – encouraging learning and development through experience and repetition of skills

  • Exercise – improves memory, attention, immune system, mood, and fights obesity and diabetes


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