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Coach Will Heller

Teams: 2010 Boys U11

About Coach Will

Coaching License

Education/Professional Background

Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication from Winthrop University and Creative Director for Western Spirits Beverage Company


Coaching Experience

  • Started coaching at age 15. 


Player and Coach Philosophy

My goals are simple: 1) Coach in a way that develops and improves the skills of my players, 2) Increase each players soccer IQ, 3) Help every player have fun, 4) Build team comradery, 5) Help players to meet and exceed fitness goals


Fun Fact

A recurring back injury eventually forced me to stop playing soccer competitively. I have two toes partially webbed on each foot. I have broken my nose 8 times: 6 from soccer, 1 from a punch and 1 from a milkshake. I played collegiate lacrosse.  Once beat Steve Henson in a foot race.

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