Southern Kentucky Soccer Club

We are hosting a 3v3 tournament this summer!! Who’s Coming??

Sky Soccer is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with 3v3 Live to host our own 3v3 Live Soccer Shootout on June 30   

Played on a smaller field with no goal keepers, 3v3 soccer is high-scoring, fast moving, and each player touches the ball constantly.  It is fun to PLAY and fun to WATCH!

Anybody can play or coach a team at this tournament so grab a few friends and come out for a day of fast paced soccer fun!

3v3 games last 20 minutes apiece and are played on fields no larger than 30 yards wide by 40 yards long. Shin guards are required.

Registration is open for all divisions — from U6 to adults, both male and female — at

The early bird discounted price of $185 is valid through June 10. Up to six players are allowed on a roster, and each team will enter a minimum of four games.

For more information or to register, go to