Southern Kentucky Soccer Club

Spring Classic Tournament Rules

SKY Soccer Kick or Treat Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

(updated 9-1-2020)


1. General Information

  • Awards will be given to each player on 1st and 2nd place teams in each division.

  • If there are insufficient entries in an age group, then it may be combined with an adjacent division that plays the same format (7v7, etc.)

  • Every team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games.

  • Any state or regional league game (KPL, GRC, etc.) played during the tournament will be played by the rules of competition for that league, superseding the rules set forth for this tournament. 


2. Eligibility


  • The tournament is open to registered USSF, USYSA, and US Club Soccer teams that are properly formed and rostered for the current season

  • Roster Sizes:

    • 11v11 (U13-U18) = 22 players

    • 9v9 (U11-U12) = 18 players

    • 7v7 (U8-U10) = 14 players

  • Up to 3 guest players will be allowed to participate per team per game provided that they possess valid player passes.

  • Players may only register and play with one team during the tournament without prior approval of the Tournament Director.

  • All players and coaches must have a laminated USA-USSF youth player registration card with a picture.

  • A medical release form for each player, a travel permission form for teams outside of the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association, one copy of a verified, official state roster and laminated player cards are required upon check-in.


3. Referees and Officials

  • Our tournament will only use USSF certified referees and assignors.

  • One (1) referee will be provided for all 7v7 format matches.

  • Three (3) referees will be provided for all 9v9 and 11v11 format matches.

  • These certifications include background checks along with tests of knowledge.

  • Any out-of-area referees will be required to provide proof of registration through USSF as well as photo identification to verify identity.

  • In the rare event the appointed assistant referees are not present for the game, each team will appoint a club linesman for its side.


4. Conduct

  • The Tournament Director/Committee will make every effort to ensure this tournament is an enjoyable experience for the players, coaches and fans. Any fan, coach or player who distracts from the competition by abusive, derogatory, vulgar or profane language or actions will be ordered to leave the game site for the remainder of the game. Refusing an order to leave by a referee, field marshal or tournament official will result in the termination of the game and forfeiture by the team with which the offender is affiliated.

  • Coaches are responsible for the conduct of spectators, team staff, and players of their team.

  • Both teams will be located on the same side of the field, and each team will be no closer than 5 yards to the halfway line.

  • Field marshals and referees have the authority to determine team location before and during the game.

  • No team will be allowed more than 3 non-players (coaches, managers, trainers, etc.) on the team’s side of the field during the game.

  • A coach must be present in the for the duration of the match. Failure to have a coach present will result in a forfeit.

  • Spectators will be located on the opposite side of the field from the technical areas.

  • Spectators must remain beyond a designated line or 10 feet beyond the touchline unless otherwise directed by the field marshal or referee

  • Abuse, no matter who it is perpetrated by or directed toward, will not be tolerated.

  • If the referee suspends a match due to unruly behavior, the Tournament Director/Tournament Committee will determine whether the game is to be replayed, continued, or forfeited by the offending team(s).


5. Age Year, Format, and Match Length Table



Birth Year


Max. Roster

Min. Players











5 min.

2 x 35 min







5 min.

2 x 35 min







5 min.

2 x 35 min







5 min.

2 x 35 min







5 min.

2 x 35 min







5 min.

2 x 35 min







5 min.

2 x 35 min







5 min.

2 x 30 min







5 min.

2 x 30 min







5 min.

2 x 30 min







5 min.

2 x 30 min







5 min.

2 x 30 min


6. Game Check-In and Forfeitures

  • Teams will be allowed a 10 minute grace period from the scheduled kick-off time before the game is awarded to the opponent.

  • Teams must have the minimum number of players listed in the table above to be considered present and avoid forfeit.

  • The addition of any late players will happen at the next regular substitution with the permission of the referee.

  • In the event of a forfeit, the opponent will be awarded a 4-0 win.

  • Any team forfeiting a game or abandoning a match before its conclusion is subject to being disqualified from the tournament or being denied advancement.

  • If a situation causing abandonment is such that tournament officials cannot assign responsibility to one team, both teams will forfeit with no goals scored and a double loss recorded.


7. Laws of the Game and Rules of Competition

  • All games shall be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game, with the exception of the modifications below

  • The decisions of the referee regarding the application of the Laws of the game and their modifications are final.

  • Laws of the Game Modifications:

    • Field and goal sizes will be in accordance with US Soccer Player Development Initiative recommendations.

    • Ball size is listed for each age group in the table above.

    • Number of players

      • The maximum and minimum number of players for a match are as listed in the table above.

    • Substitutions

      • There is no limit to the number of substitutions during the game

      • Substitutions can only be made with the permission of the referee:

        • Prior to a kickoff by either team

        • Prior to a throw-in by the team in possession

          • Both teams may substitute when throwing team chooses to substitute

        • Prior to a goal kick by either team 

        • In the event of an injury stoppage for either team

        • A cautioned/yellow-carded player may be substituted by the coach, as well as a player from the other team if the cautioned player is substituted. 

        • An ejected/red carded player may not be substituted. The team of the ejected player must play short for the remainder of the game.

      • Substitutes must enter at the half line between the technical areas, but may leave the field of play from any touchline or endline

    • Start of Play, Duration of Match

      • The game clock will not be stopped because of an injury to any player except at the discretion of the referee when the injured player is removed from the field by medical personnel. 

      • Stoppage time may be added if, in the opinion of the referee, a team is delaying the game to their benefit.

      • Except in games where a winner must be declared (semis and finals) there will not be a coin toss. The home team will kick off and defend the goal in front of their bench to begin the match.


8. Player Equipment

  • All teams will have two sets of matching jerseys with printed numbers. Numbers will not be repeated on a team, and will match their printed roster. The keeper jersey may be absent a number.

    • The home team (listed first or at the top of a bracket) will wear their lighter uniform color.

    • The away team (listed second or at the bottom of a bracket) will wear their darker uniform color.

    • In the event that the referee decides that the two teams’ jerseys are the same or similar color, the home team will change colors

  • All players on a team must dress uniformly to include jerseys, shorts, and socks. The keeper must wear a different color jersey, and may wear different-colored shorts or socks.

  • All player equipment, including casts, splints, and braces, are subject to the referee’s approval.

  • All forms of jewelry are expressly prohibited.


9. Build-Out Line, Punting, and Heading

  • Teams playing in the 7v7 format will play with a build-out line, as outlined by the US Soccer Player Development Initiative.

    • The build out line will be considered to be the halfway line.

    • The opposing team may approach as soon as the ball re-enters play.

  • Players on teams 11U and younger MAY NOT deliberately head, punt, or drop-kick the ball

    • If a player deliberately heads the ball (as determined by the referee) an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the point of the infringement.

    • If a goalkeeper punts or drop-kicks the ball, the referee will stop the game and issue an indirect free kick from where the infringement occurred.

      • If either of these infringements occur inside the goal area, the kick will be taken from the point on the goal area line parallel to the end line nearest to where the infringement occurred

  • Players on teams 12U and older have no restrictions on heading, punting or drop-kicking not already placed by the Laws of the Game


10. Game Reports and Points System

  • Game Reports

    • Game reports will be handled by the referee and/or field marshall for each game.

    • Each coach and the referee will verify the game results and initial or sign the game report at the conclusion of each match.

    • Game reports will periodically be turned in to the official scorer by the field marshals.

    • Game reports which include any ejected personnel will be delivered to Tournament Headquarters along with ejected personel’s official pass.

  • Points will be used to determine which teams advance. In round robin brackets, it will determine first and second place overall. In advancement brackets it will determine advancement to semifinals or finals.

  • Points are issued as follows:

    • 3 points for each win

    • 1 point for each tie

    • 0 points for each loss

  • Ties in points will be broken using the following criteria in the order listed:

    • Winner of head-to-head competition (not applicable if 3 or more teams are tied)

    • Goal differential (max. 4 goal differential per game played)

    • Fewest goals allowed

    • Most goals scored

    • FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark

  • Should three or more teams be tied on points, tie breakers will be applied until one team is eliminated. The procedure will then begin again from the first tie breaker with remaining teams until a single team is left.


11. Overtime

  • Games that must have a winner (i.e. semifinals, finals), and end regulation time in a tie, will be decided by overtime or, if necessary, kicks from the mark.

  • There will be a break of 5 minutes between the end of regulation and overtime.

    • During this break, a coin toss will be conducted to determine field position and kick-off, just as at the start of the game

  • Overtime will consist of 2 - 5 minute periods of sudden victory play. At the end of the first period, teams will switch sides. There will be no half time.

    • A score by either team ends play in a victory for that team

    • If there is no score at the end of the overtime period, there will be a 5 minute break before starting FIFA kicks from the mark

  • Kicks from the mark will follow the FIFA Laws of the Game


12. Inclement Weather

  • Every effort will be made to play scheduled games. However, inclement and severe weather is beyond our control. 

  • Only the Tournament Director/Tournament Committee may cancel or postpone a match

    • Referees have full authority to suspend a match for weather related or other dangerous field conditions. They do not determine the outcome, cancellation, or postponement of the match

  • In the event that the Tournament Director/Tournament Committee cancels a match:

    • Any game that reaches half time or beyond will be considered complete.

    • Any game that has not yet reached half time may be altered by the Tournament Director/Tournament Committee as follows:

      • The duration of the game may be shortened, up to and including kicks from the mark or a coin flip

      • The game may be relocated or rescheduled.

  • In the event of excessive heat conditions, the referees have the option of offering “liquid replenishment” breaks. Every effort will be made to not disturb the “flow of the game”, but the emphasis is on the safety of the players and the officials. It is the responsibility of each team to provide its own water supply or other liquids for their own consumption. There may not be a water supply at every playing site. 

  • The Tournament Directors assume no liability or responsibility if the tournament is canceled or shortened by severe or inclement weather conditions.


13. Tournament/Game Cancellation and Refunds

  • In the event the tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather or any other reason, the following refunds will be issued to all affected teams:

    • No Games Played = 100% refund

    • 1 Game Played = 70% refund

    • 2 Games Played = 25% Refund

    • 3 or More Games Played = No Refund


14. Concussion Policy

  • All coaches must be able to provide their CDC Heads-Up Concussion Certification or the NFHS Concussion in Sports certificate. 

  • Any personnel who cannot provide documentation of their concussion training will not be allowed in the technical area.

  • An athletic trainer certified and qualified to evaluate possible concussions will be available on-site throughout the duration of the tournament.


15. Tournament Director/Tournament Committee

  • Neither the Tournament Director/Committee, nor anyone connected with the tournament, assumes any responsibility or liability if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part for any reason. 

  • The Tournament Director’s/Committee’s interpretation of application information, procedures, rules, regulations and all matters pertaining to the tournament is final. 


16. Protests

  • Protests will not be allowed. Decisions of the Tournament Director/Committee and/or Referees will be final. 


17. Subject to Change

  • These rules, in whole or in part, may be changed up until the time the first game of the tournament begins.