Southern Kentucky Soccer Club


Youth Development Program

The YDP is for boys and girls of all abilities at the u7 and u8 age groups.   This year, that means players born in 2011 or 2012 are elgible.

The YDP is a group of athletes looking to eventually play soccer at the SKY Academy when they become u9's. 

They YDP trains twice a week on Monday and Thursday.  The games are regularly scheduled at 9am on Saturdays with a couple of matches during the week. 

Because the game is more fun with the ball at your feet! 


The Methodology behind the YDP is quite simple. 

Every training session will begin with a free play game.  ALL of the YDP Participants will play as a single "pool" of players.  When the players show up, they hop on a team and just simply PLAY.   Very minimal coaching is involved, and the kids LOVE IT. 
The PRACTICE will always be in 2 phases. 
1) The players will do 10-15 minutes of technical work, learning to manipulate the ball in many ways to avoid an opponent.   
2)  Players will take their newly learned skill and apply it to game related scenerios.  They will understand the concepts quicker and the "little things" will forever help them along their soccer journey.
This last PLAY Phase is where the kids jump back onto teams and play again.   The coaches are trained to look for the skill that was learned at training and specifically praise that. 



Rec Saturday's for the YDP are similar to a typical Rec Saturday.  YDP will play in the Co-ed u8 division, and games will be at 9am.  Before the weekend games, the director of YDP will seper ate the group of players into teams.  This is a completely random process, so your team will change every week.  The kids currently enrolled love playing with different people every week. It's a great way to expand their social bubble and meet kids that go to different schools!

This is a DEVELOPMENT Program, not a "win every game" Program.  Because of that, these are the commitments that the YDP will keep  to you and your child:
We are commited to provide a safe and competitive environment for your child to play.
We are commited to your child's continuous love and passion towards the beautiful game. 
We are committed to raising your child's confidence with the ball at their feet. 
We are committed to keeping the game FUN!


Registration link for Spring 2019 coming soon! 
For more information on the Youth Development Program, please contact:
Cory Dan
(270) 846-1010