Southern Kentucky Soccer Club

Player Expectations

SKY Academy Player Commitments and Expectations

I will:

  • Play for the good of the game
  • Promise to work hard at practice and games to improve my soccer skills and my understanding of the game. I understand the amount of playing time I receive in games will be based on my skills, determination in practice, punctuality, and attitude. I know that I may receive more or less playing time than my team members and playing time is not guaranteed.
  • Have a positive and never quit attitude.  Exemplify and demonstrate sportsmanship at all times
  • Win without boasting:  Be generous when you win; graceful when you lose
  • Conduct myself with class and dignity…be professional at all times!
  • Respect all officials and coaches and accept their decisions without question
  • Give encouragement to my fellow teammates
  • Attend & be prompt to all games & practices
  • Immediately report any injury to my coach
  • Respect my coach & my opponents
  • Abide by my coach’s decision regarding playing time and positioning
  • Learn and obey the laws of the game
  • Practice individual soccer skills on my own time at least 3-4 times per week
  • Notify the coach or team manager if I will be late for or unable to attend a game, training session, or team meeting
  • Learn the rules, policies & procedures of the Team & Club
  • Approach the Coach with any personal soccer related problems
  • Be the BEST that I can be at all times; for myself, my team, my club and my family


I will never:

  • Engage in dissent toward an official or coach nor use profane or vulgar language
  • Leave a game field or training session without the permission of my coach
  • Use a controlled substance (drugs), tobacco products, or drink alcoholic beverages.  It is the firm commitment of SKY Academy to take an active role in the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse. Our policy is no drugs, no alcohol, and no destructive behavior. We will involve ourselves with the player and parents any time that a situation has an impact on our Club or its members. It is important that we be able to trust players to obey Club rules, because of the responsibilities that we assume when we travel. Violation of this policy may be the basis for suspension or dismissal from the team, or for requiring that a player return home early from an out-of -town tournament at the parent’s expense.
  • Forget that I represent the SKY Academy!

Travel Expectations

SKY Academy recognizes the value and special significance in participating in Tournaments outside of our immediate area.  There are many benefits to this type of travel including:

  • Gaining experience in playing higher level of competition
  • Playing in a high pressure atmosphere
  • Building team camaraderie and chemistry
  • Seeing and playing against different styles of play
  • Participating in a professional soccer environment
  • Showcase our Teams and Players to the outside soccer community
  • In order to present ourselves in the best possible light as players, teams and as SKY Academy we have adopted some guidelines that all players and teams should follow.

Team Behavior Rules

  • Coach, players, and parents should review and agree on general travel behavior requirements and consequences if violations are committed.
  • At the coach's direction, players may be sent home at parent's additional expense if they violate serious behavior rules related to drugs, drinking, illegal activities, tobacco products or having members of the opposite sex in rooms at any time.

Player Responsibilities

  • Because of the importance of tournament play to the development of a team, all SKY Academy players are expected to participate in every event unless injured.
  • The Club insists on making player safety the top priority when players are traveling.
  • Players are to act like young ladies and gentlemen at all times in any public places.
  • Each Player is required to be where the Coach wants you to be at the time the Coach sets.
  • Players do not go anywhere alone or leave the hotel without the expressed permission of the Head Coach and their Parents.
  • Hotel rooms must be kept neat and organized.  A player should be designated just prior to check-out to inspect the room for any items (clothes, uniforms, money etc.) left behind.
  • We are guests of the hotel.  Footwear and proper attire should be worn in the public areas of the hotel.  Our reputations for future stays by Club teams are on the line.
  • Players are to be punctual and strictly follow all curfews.
  • Any problems must be communicated to the Coach immediately.

Team Activities 

  • The Coach will determine all soccer and non-soccer activities during the trip.
  • Parents and players should remember that team activities take priority over any personal agendas you may have.
  • Soccer trips are not vacations.  Obviously having fun is a part of all trips but we must remember that soccer must remain the top priority at all time.

Travel Dress

  • Players should wear a standard outfit such as team t-shirt, warm up top, or some other appropriate team attire at any team activity such as traveling, eating, and opening ceremonies.

Guest Players

  • Guest players are invited to play at the discretion of the Team Coach.
  • They will be expected to pay their share of team expenses unless other arrangements have been directed by the Team Coach.


  • If more than one SKY Academy team is going to a particular event, it is desirable that teams try to arrange to stay at the same hotel to promote camaraderie amongst teams
  • Hotels that include continental or full breakfasts are preferred.
  • If players are sharing rooms, and someone leaves early, they are still responsible for their share of the total cost of the room.
  • Team meetings should be in the common area of the hotel.


  • Teams should strive to eat together at team meals if possible.
  • Obviously, all players should be strictly following their own team’s prescribed nutrition and hydration policies.
  • The team should purchase healthy snack type foods and drink for in between meal eating and the cost will be shared equally.

Training Sessions

Without regular and proper practice, soccer skills and tactics cannot be mastered. It is impossible to expect that players master their skills only during their prescribed training sessions. Therefore, it is imperative that players set aside time at home to work on their individual technique and conditioning.  We demand a tremendous time commitment from the SKY Academy coaches, and we expect our players to be willing to make the same commitment. We know that many of our players have other interests and demands on their time, but we believe it very important that you make every effort to have them attend each practice session and allot time at home to further refine their skills. They will need those refined skills if their team is to be competitive and if they are to continue their individual development. So please make every effort to arrange their schedules to allow time for soccer practice.

  • Players must arrive at the field 15 minutes prior to training
  • It is imperative to come to practice sessions regularly. You cannot miss training sessions or practice poorly and expect to improve.  It is not enough to exist at practice a SKY Academy player needs to outperform other players.
  • Do not distract others at practice (e.g., conversing with teammates while attempting an activity is distracting to others)
  • Practice at game speed (learning to do a skill in slow motion will not help in a game)
  • Players must train in SKY Academy training gear (Orange or Black Shirts, black shorts, black socks)
  • Players must come with properly inflated soccer ball
  • Players must wear shin guards
  • Players must bring plenty of water
  • If a player must arrive late or leave training early, the coach must be notified in advance
  • If a player needs to miss training, the coach must be notified.  The practice must be made up with another team as directed by the coach
  • Players are allowed to train with other teams in the club (check with both coaches first)
  • Parents are not allowed to step on the field to talk to the coach of the players.  In case of emergency, parent must talk to the manager to summon the coach to the sideline
  • If you would like a conference with the coach, an appointment must be made either before or after the training session or at some point during the coach’s free time


Game Day Preparation-Preparing to do Your Best!

Soccer is a very demanding sport. Your must be prepared to do your best at every game.  Here are a few simple basic guidelines:

  • Come to each game mentally and physically prepared to do your best.
  • Be sure to arrive prior to the prescribed time to allow for all warm-up activities.
  • Arrive at the game well rested. Avoid late nights or spend-the-night parties on the night before a game. More than a few soccer games have been knowingly "forfeited" the night before the soccer match. Fatigue, as a result of too little sleep, raises the risk of injury.
  • Build up body fluids before the game. Start drinking water and or sports drinks as much as 24-48 hours before the game, and try to take in as much proper fluid as possible right up to game time.
  • Eat sensibly, especially on the day of a game. For instance, milk, peanuts or carbonated drinks before a game will shorten a player's wind.
  • A pre-game warm-up to get an abundant flow of blood to the muscles, followed by sensible, slow stretching activities designed to increase flexibility and minimize the possibility of muscle pulls or injury, are of vital importance.
  • Bring a properly inflated ball to each game and practice
  • Make certain that you have proper equipment, and bring them to each practice and game.
  • Proper fitting shoes and regulation shin guards are essential.
  • Watches, jewelry, and hair pins should be left at home
  • Treat minor injuries promptly and properly. For muscle strains and bruises, remember the principle of "R-I-C-E" -- Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Your team should arrange to have ice available at every game for quick application to twisted ankles or knees.
  • Let your coach know before practice or a game of any condition that might affect your ability to play. Seek early medical help for physical problems that persist.

Call in advance to tell your Coach if you will miss a practice or game.