Southern Kentucky Soccer Club

2019-2020 Coaching Assignments

We are excited to announce our Academy Coaching Assignments for the 2019-2020 Season! To register for tryouts click HERE. To see tryout dates and times click HERE.


Birth Year Boys Age Group Girls
YDP JaBree Jones U7-U8 Zach Salchli
2011 Shaun Goulbourne U9 Keely Vincent
Henry Mendez
2010 Alex Tungate U10 Trish Paschedag
Hendry Mendez Tim Zuccarell
2009 Janusz Swierkosz U11 Zach Salchli
2008 Janusz Swierkosz U12 JaBree Jones
2007 JaBree Jones/Tom Alexander U13 Cory House
Henry Mendez
2006 JaBree Jones U14 Trish Paschedag
Shaun Goulbourne
Late Fall/Spring Only
2005 Michael Swierkosz U15 Zach Salchli
Janusz Swierkosz
2004 Scott Gural U16 Roman Duchateau
Alex Tungate
2003 Tom Alexander U17 Roman Duchateau
Tito Nsungu
2002 Shaun Goulbourne U18 Roman Duchateau
2001 Shaun Goulbourne U19 Roman Duchateau